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This beautiful man keeps me strong, happy and inspired.  He is always at my side, always there for me, and I cannot imagine this life without him. When I feel like given up or question whether I have done the right thing, by making photography my full time venture, Teddy reminds me of why I made the […]

Today, this beautiful mother of nine and grandmother of 13, and great-grandmother of one, received a Doctor of Humanities from Acadia University. Geraldine Browning has always been like a grandmother to me, she is such a kind and warm-hearted woman who is always there to lend a hand to others.  She truly is an angel, […]

This truly has been a whirlwind of a week. I spent my last days of the day job in our Toronto office, it was hard to be away from home.  The upside; I was able to connect with friends, and be reunited with my beautiful maid of honour after not having seen her for 5 […]

Today was a very special day for us. Teddy and I, witnessed the unveiling of the painting we had our beautiful, talented friend Melissa Townsend (Hiltz) paint for us. It was beyond worth the wait… and I am so lucky that she allowed me to photography the unveiling, and her beautiful self on my new Oliphant backdrop. […]

It is really hard to believe that my once adorable little boy, is now a handsome man. Today, my baby is 16, and I am still not sure how to grasp it. I remember being 16 myself; very clearly in fact, and it doesn’t seem that long ago (clearly I am delusional). 21 hours of […]


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