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I had the most amazing evening…

City and Colour opened their tour here in Halifax last night, they played an incredible show, and I was through the moon that I was able to share the experience with Vatican (my little budding musician).  The heart and soul that is expressed when hearing this band live is unreal, and you need to experience it AT LEAST once in your life; throw it on your bucket list, seriously, like right now so you don’t forget.  Half Moon Run, another fantastic band, opened for them, you really need to check them out, such great live performers.

Later on, at the ever popular Economy Shoe Shop, I met up with a very dear friend who introduced me to Dallas Green, and I have to say he is one of the most genuine people on this planet.  He looks at you when you are speaking and you know he is truly interested in what you have to say.  We chatted about the show, I told him I was photographing the show and got some sweet shots, we talked about Vatican’s musical aspirations and just about anything you can think of really. He was extremely endearing, polite and inspiring.

I also got to spend a little time with Jack Lawrence, their incredible bass player; he recognized me from earlier while in the pit shooting, it was awesome.  I can never tell if they can see me down there, but I suppose they can.  I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Doug, Dante or Matt (can this guy ever play a petal steel! WOW), but they were there, enjoying the accomplishment of playing a great show.  Tonight they play in Newfoundland, Jack has never been, and I suspect their will be some screeching in ceremonies….

Thank you for reading along…. here it is, the show through the eyes of Nicole Lapierre….

“I’m like the Jack of all trades, who is a master of none”….  words that have resonated with me for quite some time, but then I found my passion….

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  1. Victor Richard Syperek says:

    Great shots

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