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The SiteHouse GoLive experience was by far the most amazing thing I could have every done for myself, and our business.  It exceeded all expectations I had gone there with, and gave me new inspiration to push my photography to a whole new level.

This experience set the new bar, and I will not go backwards…

All of us entrepreneurs were treated with such warm, genuine kindness and respect by the SiteHouse team, and having like minded individuals in the room to share and collaborate with was very enlightening.  I made many new friends that I will have for a lifetime because of this, which makes me very happy.

There was endless fun, food snacks, drinks and we even had our very own Showit tech support on hand, JT you were so patient with all of us, and having you there, along with the SiteHouse GoLive crew was very soothing to the nerves.


Promise (& Brian)-thank you for opening your home to all of us and making me feel like I was home, even though I was on the other side of the continent. Promise, your assistance over the 2 days is worth more than I can ever tell you, I have a new found jest for our business and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Having your fur baby running around made the stress less heavy; Parker the therapy dog!


Danielle-thank you so much for keeping us all replenished with wonderful food, tasty drinks and for your lovely warm smile.

Ash-thank you for answering my endless emails with such enthusiasm, keeping us all on track, and for being such lovely person.  Also, thank you for my candid shots with Promise, the other SiteHouse team and with all of Lindsay Letter’s hand made signs, I appreciate them all immensely.

Lindsay-thank you for the beautiful custom script, it gave our brand the amazing edge it needed, you are an extremely talented woman, and I can’t wait to shop online from your great collection (click here friends to see how great Lindsay is)

Janelle-thank you for the amazing head shots, it isn’t often I get in front of the camera, but you made me feel so good about myself, and I will have these special photos forever; you are a sweetheart (click here to visit Janelle Marina’s awesome website)

Meg & Liz-you two are SiteHouse support superstars and amazing designers, thank you so much for all of your help, I am not sure how you did it, but you always seemed to be everywhere all at once.

Tonie-you were a beautiful added bonus to this entire experience, you were full of endless social media tips and tricks and I will likely make all of my friends and followers crazy with my new found knowledge!  As for the “Tonie face”, well from the looks of the group shot, we were separated at birth! (Tonie is also a super talented photographer, check out her site here)

Joshua-thank you so much for the amazing sweets and treats following our “going live” celebration, WOW, not only did they look incredible, but I have never tasted such delicious decadence; you truly could taste the love in each bite (Joshua Hager on twitter @JoshuaJHager; I warn you though, your mouth will water!)


Besides those great sponsors already named, we also received amazing bracelets from 31 bits and yummy shea butter lotion (for your skin) from TapRoot Farms, action give away from Totally Rad, a sweet camera bag from Epiphanie Bags, a super cute camera strap from FotoStrap; plus cute canvas bags with pens, combs, notepads, keychains and a whole lot of other cute things.


To all of my new friends, you made it easier to be away from my family, and I truly look forward to our reunion next year, Coachella?


Until we all meet again….


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  1. Janelle Marina says:

    Wow this is soooo perfect!!! Your such an awesome gal and I know will do big things!!!! It was so awesome to have met you and I will continue to follow! 🙂 xo

  2. Marlene Grooms says:

    This is so cute!! I wish I brought my camera the first day. Love it! And was SO nice meeting you. Wish we had more time to get to know each other but we were all working soooo hard. Excited to see follow you! I hope I’ll do half as good as you. Hugs!!

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