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Thanh and Jon were married at Oceanstone Resort a couple of weeks ago, and the evening before they prepared for their big day with the official giving away of the bride by her parents at their traditional tea ceremony.  Thanh is Vietnamese, and Jon is Icelandic; this made for the most interesting experience, and Teddy and I soaked up ever bit of it.  We were so happy, and truly honoured to have shared this special experience with both of them and their families; we loved them all to bits.

It was an overcast evening which made all of the gorgeous colours of the traditional robes so vibrant; I thought my brain was going to explode. Not to mention all the good looking-ness everywhere.

Everyone looked so amazing in their traditional outfits, and Thanh’s family made sure that Jon and his family all had outfits to wear as well; so amazing.

We ate so much food; clams, lobster, salads, spring rolls, and my favourite, dried haddock spread with butter.  You heard me correctly, dried haddock spread with butter; without a doubt the best thing I have ever tasted.  Jon’s family brought it with them all the way from Iceland, along with the best beer I have ever tried; Víking Gylltur.  Unfortunately, we cannot get it here (I looked into it). So Teddy, Vat and I have no choice but to make annual trips to Iceland and load up; yes please!

Did I mention the dried haddock spread with butter?tea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographerstea-ceremony-halifax-wedding-photographers


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  1. Tuyet B Tran says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Tina D. Mercer says:

    Beautiful !

  3. Barb Murphy Crowe says:

    So beautiful .

  4. Janice Currie MacDougall says:

    captured so beautifully…….congratulations

  5. Karolína Kristín says:

    En fallegar myndir 🙂 til hamingju ✨

  6. Ranju Madhvani says:

    Stunning pic wow

  7. Anne Amirault says:

    Wow – What a beautiful traditional ceremony – I wish it was a video so I could hear the words and actually see it. Congratulations.

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